Jolyon Thomas: ‘U2 know what they are doing in the studio’

Jolyon Thomas has praised U2 for their studio knowledge, after working with them on their 14th studio album Songs Of Experience, set for release on Friday, 1 December.

"They know what they are doing in the studio," he said during an interview for the December issue of the magazine. "They’ve obviously made a shit load of hit records and they know what they are talking about."

Thomas, who has been nominated for the 2018 MPG Awards Breakthrough Producer of The Year Award is also the producer behind Brighton duo Royal Blood’s No.1 second album How Did We Get So Dark? and Slaves’ acclaimed album Are You Satisfied?

"They are just really nice people and really cool," he continued. "They are also quite sharp witted. So you can give a lot and they give a lot back."

In spite of the band’s extensive experience in the studio, Thomas insists that they have still retained a "punk aesthetic".

"All the vocals are done with an [Shure] SM58 in a room," he explained. "For The Edge’s guitar sound, you stick a mic on the cab and you hit record.

"There’s nothing fancy. You just come in the room, stick a mic on it and get on with it. So if any engineer asks, How did you get that sound, you just stick an SM58 in front of the source. There is no other answer."

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