Keaton Henson captured with DPA mics

DPA Microphones aided Keaton Henson and the Josella String Quartet’s performance at Southbank Centre’s James Lavelle’s Meltdown festival.

Mark Portlock, front of house sound engineer, put DPA’s d:facto Vocal Mic in front of Henson. “Keaton needs a live mic that gives consistent frequency response no matter whether he sings right into the mic or not. The d:facto’s frequency response is superb on- and off-axis and you can hear every word and note, soft or loud, that Keaton sings,” says Portlock.

“We also use DPA mics on the strings – the d:vote 4099’s on viola and violin and the [d :dicate] 4011A and [d :vote] 4099 double miking the all-important cello close and ambiently. For this gig Keaton played the piano, which I miked up with a stereo pair of 4011As and 4015As for ambient mics. It was up there with the most natural piano sound I’ve ever heard.”