Ken Thomas and son Jolyon install Unity Audio Rock monitors

Record producer and engineer Ken Thomas and his son Jolyon have installed a pair of Unity Audio Rock monitors at their private Hampshire studio.

Thomas’ career, which began at the Trident Studios in the 70s, was involved in developing the sound of British punk and new wave bands, such as Wire, Test Department, 999 and The Cocteau Twins.

To the present day he has also worked with artists including Moby, Yann Tiersen, M83 and Sigur Ros.

Thomas’ son Jolyon also looks set to follow in the path of his father’s career, with credits including writing and production on the debut album from London’s S.C.U.M., engineer and programmer on Maps’ mercury award nominated debut, as well as working in his Berlin based studio with Reece.

Thomas Sr said: "When I checked out the Rocks I was sold. After using many monitors I needed a change. The Rocks offered was I was looking for; they are perfect for mixing and listening. They also provide a modern aesthetic and sound which is like no other speaker available today."

"Being a musician as well as a producer I needed a speaker for recording, performing and mixing. The Rock is both musical and accurate, enabling me to be creative whist not having to worry about any nasty surprises down the line. Crucially the bottom end is detailed and true at any monitoring level. Honesty is the best policy," added Jolyon.