Lab.gruppen PLM powers Rockin’1000’s second outing

Just over a year ago, 1,000 musicians became a viral phenomenon by banding together in the city of Cesana, Italy to perform a cover of Foo Fighters’ ‘Learn to Fly’ in a successful campaign to convince the band themselves to perform there.

Recently the project, named Rockin’1000, and its now 1,200 members, took over Cesana’s Orogel Stadium to play a second concert powered by Lab.gruppen’s PLM20K44 amplifiers to a 14,000-strong crowd.

Weeks of planning were involved to bring together a team of technicians to realise the ambitious project for what has been dubbed the ‘world’s largest rock band’, comprising 250 drummers, 250 guitarists, 250 bassists, 250 singers, 30 keyboard players, 30 violinists and 30 pipers.

Technical supplier Roadie Music Service, a Lab.gruppen rental partner, supported by Prase Media Technologies, actively contributed by providing its own team of professionals to define the design and implementation of the amplification system and making of ‘Rockin’1000-That’s live.’

The sound reinforcement was designed to draw a virtual semi-circle around the musicians to maximise the time alignment and maintenance of the sound levels between the orchestra and PA system. In total, 34 Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amplifiers were selected to drive loudspeakers while processing and signal management from the FOH mixer was undertaken by Lake processing.

Emanuele Luogo, PA manager for Prase Media Technologies commented, “The PA system was distributed along three sides of the stadium. The integration of the Dante networked audio distribution on the PLM+ allowed me to manage 22 PA system inputs with real-time performance monitoring. I simply added to each rack, two switches to control Lake DSP. In this way I dramatically reduced the length of the cables used, delivering many technical and logistic advantages."