Latest Glastonbury news

With the sun having set on the Glastonbury festival, we can now take a look back at the highs and lows of what was a particularly divisive and widely varied three days of, mostly, live music.

The big talking point for many was the much-anticipated performance from Beyonce, who closed the festival last night. Although widely celebrated by many, in my view, the day a Glastonbury headliner performs to a vocal backing track is surely the day that Mr Eavis should hand the reins over to Simon Cowell and allow a series of televised auditions to provide the platform for all future performers. But maybe that’s just me.

However, in addition to Beyonce’s headline set, there was still plenty of live music and notable acts on offer. NME commented on the appearance of Paul Simon at the festival’s ‘legend’ slot, while the BBC drew attention to the furore surrounding festival debutants U2 and the protesters in attendance for their set, who unveiled a balloon emblazoned with the message ‘U pay your tax 2’.

The Evening Standard highlighted the performances of headliners U2 and Beyonce, as well as surprise guests Radiohead and Pulp.