Loud N Clear deploys Martin Audio system for Guns ?N? Roses

A Martin Audio W8L Longbow line array system was deployed by audio hire firm Loud N Clear for Guns ‘N’ Roses’ recent performance in Lebanon.

Established in 1985 by Roger Bou Farhat, Loud N Clear initially set out to provide pro audio solutions for club nights and small to mid-scale events in Lebanon. However, since then, the firm has expanded significantly, supplying the latest technology to some of the largest venues in the Middle East.

Having experimented with a variety of PA systems over the years, Bou Farhat specified Martin Audio as his first choice, stating: “I preferred it over all sound systems in the market due to its loud and clear performance.”

When Bou Farhat decided to add Martin Audio’s W8L Longbow to the firm’s itinerary, he as clearly impressed with its capabilities. “Prior to adding these to our stock we used to rent Martin Audio W8s to ensure a good quality on large events — and we were surprised at the improvement in quality when we first used them.

“The first time I heard a Longbow system was at Bahrain Formula 1 — back when we had intended to invest further in a W8. This convinced me I should invest in Longbow instead as it gave me the feeling of a nightclub sound — even though it was an open air event.”

The system for the Guns ‘N’ Roses show comprised a 24-cabinet L-R Longbow system for the main PA, while 16 W8Ls were deployed for outfill, four W8LCs with two W8LCDs for centre fill, eight W8LMs for front fill and eight W8LCs for side fill.