Malaysia’s StarMount Studio selects Pyramix, Horus

StarMount Studio, a leading recording facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has updated its equipment offering with a new Pyramix/Horus combination from Merging Technologies.

A specialist in the jazz, classical and regional music genres, StarMount is owned by Alex Tan, who recently had the Pyramix software demonstrated to him by Merging’s product manager Johan Wadsten.

Tan liked the look of what he saw, and embarked on a trial period with a Pyramix and Horus interface on loan from the manufacturer’s local distributor Stagetec Asia.

“I have been a Pro Tools user for more than eight years. The time came when the studio was ready to upgrade to the latest HDX and the meeting with Johan together with a product demo period was a total game changer," he said. "The only thing that really mattered was the superior audio quality but the sheer power of the DAW in handling high track counts in high sampling rates was really surprising."

The drive for high sound quality prompted StarMount to order the Horus with the Premium converter cards and Pyramix with MassCore so that DSD recordings can be done in the future.

“I like the way Pyramix is presented," Tan continued. "The proprietary audio processing is far superior to any DSP cards in my own user experience. All in all, we are still learning, exploring within the Pyramix and constantly in contact with your fantastic tech support to make the most out of our workflow. Again, it’s all down to dollars and cents and I think it’s the best system at an affordable price point.

“We are truly pleased with the amount of headroom available. The audio fidelity from the Horus converters is truly amazing as well. The audio engine of Pyramix is the most powerful yet versatile DAW we have come across so far. I feel this is the best purchase to date for our studio.”

Having great gear is one thing, but the studio’s location is also important, as Tan concluded: “Like many others, it all sparked from the flame of passion towards crafting my own music masterpiece. We didn’t start lavishly like those big establishments; the studio is camouflaged in a shopping area in a residential neighbourhood. The main reason for this location is the lower overhead expenses that allow us to invest in the best gear. The perks are lots of eateries with wide variety of local delicacies to choose from and a friendly and quiet neighbourhood.”