Masterlabs chooses Prism Sound Lyra

Ireland-based audio mastering facility Masterlabs has invested in a Prism Sound Lyra audio interface, which it is using in conjunction with its SADiE 6 digital audio workstations.

The facility has attached Lyra to its analogue tape machines and Dolby units where it is performing dedicated high-end stereo AD/DA conversion. This configuration allows Masterlabs to capture 192kHz files and feed them directly into its SADiE 6 workstations.

Masterlabs’ Founder and Managing Director Aidan Foley said: “Prism Sound’s new Lyra audio interface is fantastic. Apart from being incredibly easy to use, it is providing us with very high quality audio conversion and an extremely stable clock. By keeping it separate from my mastering chain AD/DA converters, I can use it directly at the analogue source.”

Masterlabs handles between eight and 10 projects a week, ranging from classical and jazz to dance and rock.

“We are fortunate to handle all of the Irish output for Sony Music and Universal Music,” Foley said. “We also service the ever growing vinyl record pressing explosion that is occurring at the moment, and we have just purchased a second Neumann VMS70 lathe to keep up with that demand.”