Metric Halo certifies two Thunderbolt to FireWire solutions

Metric Halo has officially certified two Thunderbolt adapters for use with its line of FireWire based audio interfaces.

Metric Halo’s Allen Rowand commented: “We’ve tested the Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adapter in the Apple 27” Thunderbolt Display and the Sonnet Technologies Echo 34 adapter combined with their FireWire 800 Pro ExpressCard – both systems provide performance identical to native FireWire ports. Since the display has a Thunderbolt pass-through it’s possible to use both adapters at the same time, allowing the user to create two separate FireWire busses. With two busses the user can connect up to six of our interfaces, or use one for up to three interfaces and the other for hard drives.”

Rowand also commented on the company’s excitement at incorporating Thunderbolt into its product: “We’re in discussions with Intel to gain access to Thunderbolt technology, and we hope to have development information soon. Regardless, our customers have available options to continue using their Metric Halo interfaces with newer generation Mac computers until we have a native Thunderbolt solution.”