MG Sound studio redesigned by Munro Acoustics

Founded in 1990 and located in Vienna, MG Sound has recently moved to a new building, which has been refurbished and designed by Munro Acoustics and local architect,Roland Gasperl.

Martin Böhm and Ludwig Coss, both owners with a classical background before switching to pop and playing in various bands themselves, said: “Our goal was always to put Vienna on the map musically speaking. We avoid the typical local lethargy and are enthusiastic about developing a business operation that, instead of specialising, provides a 360-degree range of audio services. It has always been our firm belief, that this is the only way here in Vienna.”

Böhm added: “Due to the excellence of our equipment and services we have been invited to join the ‘World Studio Group’, an organisation that picks the top 25 studios of the world each year. MG Sound boasts Acoustic design by EuroDisney-Mastermind Andy Munro, Europe’s biggest SSL9000K console and its biggest AxiomMT.”

Munro Acoustic’s Andy Munro said: “To move Vienna’s most successful independent studio to a new building, double its size and facilities to include a Dolby feature film mixing theatre was a daunting prospect with both technical and logistic challenges galore. The new complex includes two main music studios and shared live recording area, a larger ‘orchestral’ space with natural acoustics and the film mixing studio which will double as a control room for the acoustic room.

“Add to that three post production rooms, including a dedicated mastering suite, with adjacent overdub rooms and the facility can truly be said to provide for any type of project. The reception areas and offices are equally impressive and the whole has been designed and coordinated by architext Roland Gasperl who also provided the original MG Sound’s interior design.

“The results have been very encouraging with the rooms that are completely finished sounding very good indeed. The next month will see the completion of the film dubbing theatre and then it will be down to some fine tuning of reach recording space. All of our acoustic design is modular so every room can be adjusted according to the final measurements and artistic feedback. That is always an exciting phase as it’s the only time in the whole process when everyone sits down and actually listens to music!”

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