Miloco adds first Brazilian facility

Miloco has announced its partnership with AudioArena, its first Brazilian studio, and The Black Lodge bespoke recording studio in Leeds.

AudioArena (main picture) is located inside Cícero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, home to São Paulo Football Club. At the core of the facility is an SSL AWS 948 console hooked up to three Avid HDX converters, plus 12 other 500-series preamps and EQs from Rupert Neve, Neve, API, Burl and Looptrotter. Analogue dynamics are provided by four Empirical Labs Distressors, two Fatsos and a Universal Audio 1176 and Looptrotter Audio Monster.

Another highlight of the studio is its collection of amps, with over 15 models including an Ampeg B-15, GK 1001RB-II, Hartke LH1000, Marshall JVM410H, Mesa Boogie Mark V, Roland JC-120, Fender Twin Reverb ’65 and several Laneys like the IRT30, IRT120, VH100R and VC30-212.

Miloco has also announced the completion of The Black Lodge (pictured, above) in the heart of Leeds city centre. Within the grade II-listed Georgian house is a control room housing a 64-input Neve Genesys, to which all four production/live rooms are wired. Specialist setups cater for vintage keyboards, vocals, programming and a live room featuring a Steinway piano.

Each room is set up with its own patchbay, wired into not only the central control room but to all other rooms, promising flexibility for recording in whichever setting is desired, as well as full-band live recording in different rooms, simultaneously with hearback headphone technology and video or control via iPads.