Miloco completes Mute Records studio build

Miloco Builds has recently completed a new studio build for independent British label Mute Records, which serves as a writing, recording, mixing and mastering space.

Having to relocate its existing facility, Miloco’s brief was to provide a well-isolated room that could exist within Mute HQ and house its synth collection.

With the monitoring being one of the primary concerns, while also reusing much of the existing RPG panels system, acoustic designer Nick Whitaker was once again on hand to ensure the room sounded ‘true’.

Despite being tight for space, Miloco was also able to incorporate a machine room and storage area, maintaining some natural light that gives the room a bright and open feel.

“Miloco Builds are an incredibly professional team of people,” explained Anne Carruthers, studio manager at Mute. “They have done a brilliant job on our studio, finishing on time and within budget. The communication and work done was excellent in all aspects of the process, from design through to the finishing touches. Would highly recommend them!”

A new mains supply, dedicated earth and RGB lighting system ensures the room’s power is as clean as possible for a ‘pristine’ low-noise signal path as well.