Miloco partners with Birmingham’s Summerfield Studios

Miloco has extended its reach into England’s West Midlands for the first time to join forces with Summerfield Studios in Birmingham.

Summerfield has been built from owner Phil Croft’s vision to create a comfortable and creative atmosphere, combined with high acoustic quality and an ever-growing selection of quality equipment. It is the only facility in this part of the country to join the Miloco roster so far, meaning Croft and his team now feel they have a first-of-its-kind Birmingham studio that offers the city’s music scene something different.

The studio offers a 48-square-metre live space, along with a state-of-the-art control room that serves up a very accurate mixing environment. The studio, which also comprises an overdub booth, echo chamber and lounge/kitchenette space, has been given a comprehensive aesthetic refurbishment throughout, with much attention paid to lighting, decor and furniture.

Summerfield’s equipment offering is centred around a Soundtracs Jade console, a choice of outboard and plug-ins, as well as a selection of guitars, amps, pedals, synths, drums and percussion.

Located on the outskirts of central Birmingham in the east side of the city, Summerfield is at the heart of all the major transport routes.

Click here for more information on the facility.

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