Miloco partners with Westpoint and Ilkatron

Miloco has formed new partnerships with two more London-based recording studios: the cutting-edge Westpoint Studios in West London, and the vintage Ilkatron Studios based in Clapham.

Precision built by Recording Architecture, Westpoint Studios is a blend of state-of-the-art recording facilities combined with a white interior design.

At the centre of Westpoint’s 22-foot control room is the SSL 48 track 4K G Series and the ATC SCM 200 monitoring system. For multi-track recording there is the latest Pro Tools HDX system with 64 I/O via apogee symphony converters.

Ilkatron Studios in Clapham, South West London, is run by producer/engineer Ben ‘Steamy’ Williams. This brand new partnership with Miloco sees the studio group enter the south west of London for the very first time.

Ilkatron features a 32-channel vintage Sphere Eclipse C console, which has recently been restored. The studio is laid out for bands looking to record together, with a 350 sq ft live room, a large booth and a room for isolating amps. It offers a great collection of classic mics, outboard, and backline and also includes a Pro Tools|HDX system with a substantial selection of plug-ins. The equipment spec has been carefully devised to accommodate the simultaneous set up of all the studio’s instruments, so that everything can be ready to record at a moment’s notice.