Miloco reinforces roster with four more studios

Miloco Studios has announced new partnerships with EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, Burbank’s Valley Recording Company, Italian facility Art&Music Recording and Paris-based One Two Pass It.

EastWest(pictured) has given rise to some of the most celebrated music of the last 50 years, including records from Frank Sinatra and The Rolling Stones. Studio 1 at the historic complex features the 80-channel Neve 8078 console that was commissioned for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Studio 2 (a rock room with drum booth) also offers a Neve console in the form of a 40-channel RCA Custom 8028, one of only two built with discrete Class-A electronics.

The most famous of EastWest’s rooms, though, is Studio 3, which delivered the Pet Sounds album by The Beach Boys in 1966 and comes with one of the six surviving Trident A-Range consoles (40 channels with Neve flying fader automation). Studio 5 offers the largest control room in the building, and is equipped with a 64-channel SSL 4000 G+ with Ultimation.

Valley Recording Company (VRC) is home to two completely different studios. The edges of the Studio A control room are lined with outboard and guitars, but the central focus is an API 1608 console. Studio A provides the largest of VRC’s live rooms, a drum room with 17-foot ceilings that bend down to create a ‘unique’ sound. The Studio B live room is where a drum kit can be set up to get a tight ’70s booth sound, Miloco says, while the central control room features a Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer.

With three studios and numerous booths, Milan’s Art&Music Recording is described as being one of the best recording facilities in Italy. Studio A (the largest of the three studios) and Studio B contain SSL Duality consoles, while the latter is able to mix in Dolby Surround 5.1, 6.1, 7.2, DTS stereo and stereo. Studio C – ideal for pre-production – has been equipped with the same acoustic properties as Studio A and Studio B, and the recording areas are able to accommodate up to 50 musicians simultaneously.

Kitted out with a Neve VR console and top-quality microphones, One Two Pass It has a live room built with drums in mind, and its acoustics are adjustable through the use of some clever panels completed by Camille Hamel, the same designer as La Fabrique, another French studio.