Miloco Studios and Drumdrops relaunch Drumdrops Download Store

Drumdrops, an online store for producers looking to buy loops and multi-tracked drums, has undergone a full overhaul and relaunch, following a collaboration between British producer Mike Pelanconi and Miloco Studios.

The aim was to build a comprehensive resource for producers, comprising dedicated drum performances, stems and loops spanning dub, disco, funk, rock and a host of other genres. All tracks are played on vintage kits by some of the best drummers in the business, recorded on classic consoles and captured on tape for an authentic sound.

All Drumdrops tracks are available as fully downloadable multi-tracks, with many titles in the series offering additional formats, such as stem files and DAWs.

Hand-mapped Tempo Maps that are accurate to a quarter or an eighth of a beat are included, allowing the user’s sequencer to follow the tempo fluctuations of the performance, meaning that all the user’s MIDI data, such as notes, chords or drum machine triggers remain locked into the groove. OMF session files also allow users to store and share project data across multiple applications, allowing edited multi-tracks to open seamlessly regardless of which DAW you are running.

All of the Drumdrops content is now available to download on a track-by-track basis direct from the Drumdrops site, which also features an Audition player that allows users to upload their own production, search the library and try out a Drumdrops loop on it.

With regards to the Drumdrops site’s content, a number of top drummers have been hired to perform on the tracks. These include, Style Scott, Horseman, Nasser Bouzida, Jan Kincaid and Tim Weller.

“A top selection of organic sounding breaks and beats, and for once they are actually really useable,” said Chris Potter, producer of U2, The Rolling Stones and The Verve. “The sounds are warm and thick, the playing is tough and there is enough variation in the grooves to dig out just what you need. More please.”

Stephen Street, producer/engineer for such artists as The Smiths, Morrissey, Blur and The Kaiser Chiefs, said: “A producer or writer’s dream; a drummer on demand with some great grooves and chunky organic sounds. You can really hear the ‘air’ around these skins, making the groove really three-dimensional. Everyone should find something here that they can use.”

Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, producer/engineer for the likes of Oasis, Bjork, Madonna and U2, aldo added: “Drumdrops delivers plenty of authentic dub sounds for you to play with, huge kicks, spring reverbs, flying cymbals and percussion. From slow hypnotic onedrops, to fast and furious steppers groove. Easy to use, and most importantly, inspirational. Drumdrops in Dub volumes one and two are a must!

You can visit the Drumdrops site at

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