MLA Mini for Kylie

In early March audio rental company Capital Sound made its way to London’s Bloomsbury Ballroom to provide the sound for an exclusive gig with Kylie Minogue.

Capital supplied Martin Audio’s new MLA Mini system, which comprised main hangs of eight MLA Mini, with side hangs of four MLA Mini.

“This was only the second outing for us with the new system,” says Capital’s general manager Paul Timmins. “It was the perfect tool for the job, as the room had low clearance and lightweight ground support. Weight loading was very limited, but the system weighed in at just under 200kg per side.”

The ground PA included three MSX subs and a WS218X sub per side. Two Martin Audio DD6 Differential Dispersion loudspeakers were clamped to the ground support for centre coverage due to the exceptionally wide stage.

Control was via an Avid Profile at FOH manned by Kevin Pruce, with a DiGiCo SD7 and a Sennheiser 2000 series IEM system utilised for monitor requirements, operated by Matt Napier. Capital Sound technicians were Harm Schopman, Jonny Williams, with Robin Conway as project managing.

“This was a demanding venue where the choice of MLA Mini enabled us to provide literally a mini arena system for a star used to performing in such venues, whilst undertaking this challenging show in an incredibly small space,” Timmins concludes. “Kevin’s mix was outstanding and the system really did it justice.”