Mogami now “the cable of choice for pro studios,” says HHB

Mogami has become a leading pro cable brand across Europe – adopted by engineers, systems integrators and musicians alike – according to UK distributor HHB.

Not only has the supplier noticed an increase in sales, but musicians such as Slash and Bloc Party, in addition to professional recording facilities like The Backstage Centre, have embraced Mogami as their "cable of choice."

“We are not surprised at the great uptake of Mogami cables by top audio engineers and musicians," said HHB international sales manager and Mogami product manager Matthew Fletcher. "There are some very high profile users like Slash and Bloc Party who are very vocal about using Mogami cables, and other huge stars who we cannot mention, but suffice it to say, Mogami is being used by top musicians, producers and engineers on stage and in the studio. Anyone who uses Mogami will immediately notice the high-quality construction, durability and transparency of the cables.”

The Backstage Centre has picked Mogami ‘Cable for Life’ studio and microphone cables for its new state-of-art, 48-channel recording studio in Essex, UK. Featuring an Audient 8024 analogue console with integral patchbay and a Pro Tools HDX system with 48 analogue I/O, the studio lets users record from both its 5×7 metre live room and a 35×25 metre sound stage. Mogami products have been chosen to connect almost all the equipment in the studio, including the 3306 Cat5 Ethernet cabling for the Hearback Hubs.

Jonathan Roberts, The Backstage Centre’s technical co-ordinator, added: “When choosing the equipment for the studio we wanted to make sure that we had an extremely high-quality signal chain throughout the room. Mogami makes an exceptional product and our studio is almost exclusively wired with their cables. South Essex College is very impressed with our facilities and will be delivering its Recording Degree from here starting this September.”

Mogami ‘Cable for Life’ products are available in single-cable packages with terminated ends, backed by a lifetime warranty. The brand’s wide professional product offering includes microphone, speaker, guitar, coaxial, video and digital interfacing cables, as well as analogue and digital snakes. The cables and connectors are hand soldered rather than crimped and made from Mogami’s high-quality bulk cable. The are assembled in the UK with packaging comprised of 90 per cent recycled materials.

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