MPM joins Adamson?s Project Energia

Adamson Systems Engineering has announced the addition of MPM France to its list of Project Energia Beta partners.

With more than 30 vendors carrying the Y-Axis and SpekTrix series, France is recognised as a key European territory for Adamson.

Brock Adamson, president and CEO of Adamson Systems Engineering, commented: "MPM has been a strong partner for many years. They are a dynamic organisation working on regional and international work. With more than 500 Adamson cabinets in their inventory, we could not ask of a better partner to lead the way with Project Energia in France. We look forward to their input as Energia progresses."

Director general of MPM Marc Morosini, Canada last autumn to listen to one of the first finished prototypes of the E15 system. Morosini comments on Project Energia: "This system offers more power than any other cabinet, in a smaller and lighter package. It also wins in the sound department; it is exceptional, (it) has crystal clear sound even at high levels, with a very homogeneous coverage. To put it simply, it is the system of the future, available today."

Adamson’s Project Energia received its debut in Spain, with the company’s distributor Seesound, along with sound provider Fluge arranging the first E15 system in Europe to premiere at the Low Cost Festival in Benidorm, Spain featuring Mika and Ok GO!

Morosini’s team will also take the E15 on the Scorpions ‘Final Sting Tour’ in Europe in mid November.