Munro designs new studio for Barrie Gledden

Munro Acoustics has recently completed the construction of new studio facility for Audio Network composer Barrie Gledden.

Originally a hayloft, the space was adapted by changing the height of the roof joists to give more headroom and adding new stairs. Munro Acoustics dealt with all the requirements according to building regulations and also designed the acoustic treatment to ensure suitable insulation as well as optimising the room for listening.

Gleden said: “I need to be at the top of my game when composing music for Audio Network – everything needs to be very high quality. This studio allows me to push my tracking, mixing & production techniques to new heights, it’s like an audio operating theatre.”

Gledden started his career as a guitarist, working in theatre music performing with numerous companies including Impact & Hull Truck. Still in his teens, he formed the rock band Brazil & was featured in session for BBC Radio 1 in England.?? Mike Varney of the US Guitar Player magazine hailed Barrie as one of the best guitarists to come out of England in years, and soon after, he joined the alternative rock band Old Man Stone with whom he co-wrote & recorded three albums.

He is currently co-ordinating the writing and production of 200 tracks for the production music publishers Audio Network, of which Barrie is a composer-producer and shareholder.

Audio Network offers a complete music solution by cutting through the traditionally complex and costly processes of licensing music. All high quality tracks are pre-cleared for multiple formats, for the world, forever.

An Audio Network/Barrie Gledden highlight was when C5’s “The Gadget Show” (who use a Barrie composition as their main theme tune) brought Barrie in on an X-Factor judging episode of the show as the two presenters, Suzi and Jason, went head to head to recreate his theme tune using the latest computer gadgets. Barrie was head judge and eventually concluded that Suzi had won the challenge by working with members of the RPO and the latest computer gadgetry.