NAMM 2012: Digico launches UB MADI device

Digico will today (January 19th) launch its new UB MADI device, which is designed to offer simple MADI connectivity, at the NAMM 2012 show.

The UB MADI is built to allow any computer to connect instantly to MADI via a USB 2.0. connector. It utilises Stealth Digital Processing FPGA technology, which is found in Digico’s SD console range, yet is able to fit into your top pocket and delivers 48 simultaneous inputs and outputs, totalling 96 channels of audio I/O over USB 2.0.

Once the low latency driver is installed, UB MADI operates as a simple plug-and-play device, automatically detecting the MADI input format and clock selection. UB MADI then communicates with your preferred PC or Mac as a standard ASIO or Core Audio interface.

The UB MADI device requires just a single USB cable, providing both audio and power connectivity, and is also fully hot pluggable, booting within seconds of its connection.

“Delivering the convenience of USB combined with Stealth Digital Processing to professional audio engineers working with MADI has been a massively rewarding experience. Taking USB audio into the professional space has meant facing some significant challenges; from meeting PCB footprint and power constraints to, most importantly, the chipset selection and firmware design,” commented the UB MADI project manager.

“Having an R&D team that strives to push technology and deliver something considered impossible is motivational for the whole company,” said James Gordon, Digico managing director. “I am very proud of their achievement in this new area for Digico. UB MADI will be a real problem solver for anyone wanting MADI connectivity on their computer and, as with all our Stealth Digital Processing based products, UB MADI has even greater potential for the future.”

UB MADI moves into full production in early 2012, with the first orders being fulfilled during ProLight+Sound.