NAMM 2013: M-Audio relaunches studio microphone line

M-Audio is reintroducing a number of models from their popular range of recording microphones at NAMM.

Created for professional and project studio recording, M-Audio microphones offer durable housings, advanced electronics, and high-quality sound.

The Sputnik (pictured) is a multi-pattern large-diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone offering cardioid, figure-eight, and omni-directional patterns. The Mylar diaphragm features an evaporated-gold coating, which provides a uniform, even response. The inverse-mounted vacuum tube delivers clean, uncoloured sound, and it also features a solid brass body and tuned backplate. Sputnik comes with a shock mount, dedicated power supply/cable, and custom flight case.

Nova is a large-capsule cardioid condenser microphone, which delivers the open warmth of a large capsule mic in a cost-effective package. Over one inch in diameter, the diaphragm is finished with an evaporated gold coating for uniform results, while the body is also made from solid brass. Included with the Nova microphone is a hard mount and zippered carry bag.

Finally, the Pulsar II matched-pair small-diaphragm microphones are ideal for evenly capturing any stereo source, from a piano to a choir. The narrow brass bodies house an internal shockmount system that helps isolate the capsules and reduce vibrations. The Mylar diaphragms measure three quarters of an inch and feature a sputtered gold finish. Housed in a wooden case, the set also comes with hard mounts, windscreens, and an adjustable stereo mounting bar.

"With our monitor speakers, interfaces, and controllers, M-Audio has always been a trusted name in the studio," said M-Audio product manager Hiro Shimozato. "The mics have always been popular, and they offer the user a great value in audio performance."

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