NHOW Studios looks to Solid State Logic for mixing solutions

High-end hotel NHOW Berlin has placed a 48-channel SSL Duality console at the centre of its studio complex.

The hotel, which is based on the theme of “music and lifestyle” also hosts the NHOW Studio complex, which is designed to attract high-level projects to a top-end studio space. Furthermore, the installation of SSL’s Duality console will allow the space to be used to mix corporate team-building workshops.

“We have created a truly unique, open space studio complete with natural ambient light, hovering 32-meters over the River Spree on the eighth floor of the Upper Tower with a sensational view of Berlin from every room,” said Daniel Schmuck, studio manager for NHOW Studios. “The SSL Mixing Room, as the name implies, is being used to mix different types of projects from established groups and composers, to corporate projects and advertising. We have equipped the studio with an enviable amount of great outboard gear and microphones, and Duality brings everything together to create a studio that is truly world-class for our clients.”

The creative direction for the studio is by René Rennefeld of Lautstark Musik GmbH. Lautstark is also responsible for the production management and bookings at the Hansa Tonstudios, where stars such as REM, Snow Patrol, Herbert Grönemeyer, Green Day, David Bowie and U2 record.

“Because of the relationship between Lautstark Musik and nhow Berlin, we can offer the option for music creatives that include recording in the famous Studio 1 or the main hall of Hansa Tonstudios and mixing in nhow Studios on the Duality,” Schmuck explained. “The co-operation with these internationally experienced and interconnected music professionals guarantees top quality and reliability for the artists who work here.”