Ocean Way, Clear Lake Recording join Miloco Group

Ocean Way Nashville and Clear Lake Recording Studios have been added to Miloco Group’s line-up of recording facilities in the USA.

The new arrangement will see Miloco act as an agent in London to help bring work to the studios.

The second studio in Nashville to become part of the Miloco family – Music City-based Welcome To 1979 also joined the Group’s roster last year – Ocean Way (main picture) is housed in a 100-year-old Gothic revival greystone church, with three studios built to provide exceptional spaces tuned specifically for music recording.

The Studio A control room features a custom 80-input, 64-monitor all discrete Neve 8078 – the largest of its type in the world – while Studio B is equipped with a custom Neve VRP 96-input console with GML discrete buss amps. Studio C is optimised for small space recording and in the box mixing in stereo as well as 5.1.

Clear Lake (pictured, above) follows hot on the heels of Eldorado Recording, Miloco’s other Los Angeles studio.

Renowned acoustician George Augsperger designed Studio A to supply a well-tuned control room, sizeable live room and three isolation booths. As well as offering an "acoustically beautiful space," according to Miloco, Clear Lake maintains an impressive collection of vintage equipment, along with a number of up-to-date digital options.

Designed to be spacious and comfortable, the control room maintains accurate acoustics and a Trident 80-BB console at its centre.

The live room was created to make drums and other acoustic instruments sound huge, but also allow for flexibility in ambience. Clear Lake’s instrument offering includes a Yamaha C7 grand piano, Hammond B-3 Organ and Leslie 122 amp.