Ofcom responds to BEIRG statement on spectrum changes

Ofcom has assured PMSE users they will continue to have access to enough radio spectrum in the future, even after their planned removal from the 700 MHz band.

The UK regulator sent a new statement to Audio Pro International this morning in response to BEIRG’s recent comments that the decision to make the above changes "could prove catastrophic" for the UK’s creative industries.

It says it is looking to work closely with the PSME (Programme Making and Special Events) sector to make sure it is not left with a lack of sufficient spectrum, and that it is keen to protect the interests of these users through an ongoing major review.

“Ofcom is working to ensure that users of wireless microphones continue to have access to the airwaves they need to deliver their important cultural benefits," the statement read.

“One of Ofcom’s core roles is to manage the limited supply of spectrum – the raw material necessary for all wireless communications – and balance the needs of different users.

“We’re conducting a major review to protect the interests of the ‘programme making and special events’ sector. This will ensure that theatres, sports venues and music events continue to have access to enough spectrum in the future.

“The review has already identified a number of frequency bands that wireless microphones could potentially use in addition to the bands they will continue to share with DTT. Working closely with the PMSE community, we’ll confirm what spectrum will be available to them next year.”

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