OneRepublic use Waves plugins

On tour with OneRepublic, front of house engineer Zito has chosen to carry his Waves plugins on the DiGiCo SD5 digital console.

Zito cites the Waves IR-Live Convolution Reverb, the MV2, and the H-Delay Hybrid Delay as his three must-have plugins. He stated, “The Waves MV2 is a life saver in levelling out instruments. It’s brilliant in bringing up low levels without having to squash the dynamics of the instrument with compression. The Waves IR-Live has changed my life. Until now, I’ve been unable to replicate my favourite hardware reverb units using plugins. But now, with the ability to load in IRs from my favourite reverb units, it has completely changed how I approach using ‘in-the-box’ reverbs. People are shocked at the quality of the reverbs I’m achieving. And the Waves H-Delay is my favourite delay unit ever, period. It’s so versatile, you can replicate anything you want, or come up with creative delay options. The ability to automate has given me unparalleled control over replicating the bands studio effects within, on an easy to use interface.”

On the challenges in mixing FOH for OneRepublic, Zito said, “This band is unique in that they not only perform, but also produce most of their own music. Lead vocalist and producer Ryan Tedder is producing some of the most current popular music out there, which means that the demand for audio perfection is high and their familiarity with the production aspects of their music are keen. There are a lot of specific sounds and effects that I am trying to replicate in the live domain. Using Waves plugins gives me the confidence to know that anything the band may throw at me, I can achieve. There has yet to be a challenge that I wasn’t able to solve using Waves tools!”