Paul Carrack invests in Yamaha M7CLs

British songwriter Paul Carrack and his production team have replaced their previous analogue sound rig with the investment of two Yamaha M7CL digital mixing consoles.

Having recorded the album A Different Hat with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Carrack squeezed the entire orchestra into the Royal College of Music’s 400-capacity Britten Theatre for a trio of sold-out concerts. The intimate nature of the shows meant that space was at an absolute premium, which ultimately led to a pair of Yamaha M7CL-48ES consoles being deployed for FOH and monitor mixing.

“Because of the way we work, we like to carry our own audio system with us,” said Carrack. “Previously we had an all-analogue rig, but we were so tight for space at the Britten Theatre that we hired in the M7CLs. And they were fantastic.”

Recorded for DVD release utilising a Yamaha 02R96VCM digital console, the experience of the shows impressed Carrack so much that he subsequently decided to invest in the Yamaha digital mixers.

“Apart from the size, which is obviously important in small venues, I really like the sound of the M7CL,” he commented. “I’ve been using in-ear monitors for 10-15 years and I love working with them, but it’s not like with wedges, when you can find a sweet spot on stage. The in-ear mix needs to be right, it should sound like you’re in a recording studio.

“A great thing with the M7CL is that you can store all the settings and instantly change the monitor mixes from song to song, if you want to. Of course, when we play overseas and don’t take our own consoles, we’ve got all the settings stored on a USB stick. We pick up M7CLs locally and we’re set to go.”

Carrack was also keen to extoll the virtues of the Yamaha StageMix iPad app. “StageMix is a brilliant innovation, it’s fantastic for soundchecks and means I can set up my own mix onstage,” he added. “It also allows our monitor engineer to set up mixes without having to stand behind the desk, it’s a great little tool. Together with the M7CLs, its incredible – definitely the way to go.”

Paul, his band and the Yamaha M7CLs are currently on an extensive UK tour to promote his latest EP Time To Move On.