Paul McCartney?s team looking to make streaming return ?an event?

Soon after the catalogue of legendary former Beatle, Paul McCartney, was pulled from a host of popular music on-demand streaming sites there is talk from his team that it will soon be returning and they want to “make it an event”.

Over the course of the last week McCartney’s management team have pulled the former Beatles and Wings frontman’s music from streaming sites such as Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio.

However, now Phillip Bailey who is the Director of Digital and Mobile Sales at Concord Music Group—McCartney’s label—has announced that this was not an anti-streaming move.

Bailey told Chris Kornelis of Seattle Weekly in an interview published on February 14th that: “This wasn’t done because people are anti-streaming. A lot of people like to bang on Spotify and streaming services. That is not what this is about. This is about how to best profile this catalog. Streaming is absolutely viable. I’m a huge proponent of it. Even McCartney’s camp is.”

According to Bailey they are looking to re-issue McCartney’s catalogue on these sites in the future. Bailey suggested that it was most likely to come in the Spring of 2012 and is likely to coincide with the re-issuing of McCartney’s second post-Beatles album, Ram.

“They want,” added Bailey, “more than anything, to make it an event.”

McCartney moved his solo and Wings catalogue with him when he shifted his label from EMI to Concord in 2010. Concord immediately had made some of his key albums—such as Band on the Run and McCartney—unavailable on subscription services.

This, Concord, explained at the time, was in anticipation of a re-release of the material online to coincide with a re-issue of CD recordings of them.

“When you remove the existing titles,” explained Bailey to the Seattle Weekly in 2010, “it creates a little bit of demand and anticipation for what is to come.”

Certainly the most recent move has stimulated some quite substantial press interest.