PL+S 2011: Beyerdynamic debuts Touring Gear live mic series

Beyerdynamic has introduced its new Touring Gear live microphone series at Prolight + Sound 2011.

Touring Gear represents a whole new chapter in microphone innovation for Beyerdynamic. The range includes vocal, headset, lavalier, drum and instrument microphones and all models feature Beyerdynamic’s new Sound Channelling Technology, which it has been refining for many years. The firm’s experts have created acoustic labyrinths with geometries that optimise sound channelling. They influence the sound and model the polar pattern by using precisely tuned delay lines and attenuation pads.

The TG range culminates in the TG 90, which is the flagship Touring Gear microphone range. The TG 90 models are handcrafted in Germany for users who are looking for the ultimate in microphone performance. The series includes the unique TGV90r ribbon microphone and the TG V96c true condenser microphone for live vocal applications. The performance of the TG 90 series fulfils the most demanding requirements on the stage.

Mario Gebhardt, audio products development manager at Beyerdynamic commented: “It is indeed a highlight when decades of experience in microphone engineering are combined with the ideas of young engineers and the requests coming from musicians and audio technicians, and the result is not just a single microphone, but a whole series.

“Our goal was to retain the best elements from our existing models and combine these with the latest technology and materials. At the same time, we have made space for new ideas and implemented them. One such result is Sound Channelling Technology, which lets us specifically work on acoustic design in order to achieve optimal sound, exceeding the standard parameters of a microphone system. The result is a thoroughly consistent live microphone series.”