PL+S 2011: Studiomaster launches its first digital live mixer

Studiomaster has introduced its first live digital mixer, the Digilive 16, in Frankfurt. This is just one of a number of new products from the company.

Developed from the ground up utilising an entirely new proprietary DSP mix platform, the Digilive 16 incorporates an extensive array of production features, including specially developed ultra-low distortion eq filters and compressors, 24-bit Delta-Sigma AD/DA converters, and twin, 4th generation 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC processors.

The console’s sound quality, reports the firm, is of the highest order, rivalling far higher cost, larger scale analog and digital consoles. "The wide dynamic range, low noise performance starts with new mic pre-amps, with exemplary high CMRR and signal-to-noise specifications," a press release read.

Operationally the design is said to combine the feel and speed of an analog desk with powerful digital control capabilities, including 16 motorised faders, hi-resolution TFT colour display, scene recall of all functions and more.

Though designed primarily as a live mixing console, an optional Firewire interface provides the Studiomaster Digilive 16 with extensive sound recording and production capabilities.

The system also offers expansion options; rackmount expander modules provide for extension of the 16-channel mixer up to a 48-channel mix system.