Powersoft/Traction Sound partner for Bestival

Powersoft and Traction Sound showcased their new partnership when this year’s Bestival kicked off on the Isle of Wight.

Powersoft supplied six of its flagship K10 switch-mode amplifiers to drive both the Hidden Disco tent and Ambient Forest, bringing the best out of Traction Sound’s passive soft dome loudspeaker technology. Powersoft provided 72kW of muscle in 6RU spaces (12kW per amp).

It was Traction Sound business development director Jonny Goodwillie’s friendship with festival owner Rob Da Bank that delivered the opportunity for both brands to showcase the products at the event. Traction Sound asked Powersoft to power the system due to the two companies’ close relationship since the launch of their SDS range.

Traction Sound had already tested the reliability and quality of amps and had been in contact with Powersoft’s account manager OEM Matteo Bianchini before selecting Powersoft Dcell amp modules for their Active Loudspeaker System.

“All the DJ’s have been really impressed with the FOH and monitor set-up – and the crowd have loved it too,” said Goodwillie. “Our rig smashed it and kept people dancing 15 hours a day and didn’t miss a beat. Now that’s the way to do a festival.”

In Ambient Forest Powersoft and Traction Sound deployed two Atlas single 18in bass bins and Kodiak mid tops (with two Soft Dome Source SDS horns and 12in driver), running through two Powersoft K10’s.

In Hidden Disco, on each side of the stage were a pair of Hades infrasonic bandpass subs, driving the bottom end down to 22Hz a pair of Zeus V4 twin 18 high output bandpass-horn sub-woofer loudspeakers, and four Kodiak SDS mid tops powered by four Powersoft K10.