Prism Sound range integrated at Studio DMI

Studio DMI has incorporated a range of Prism Sound equipment, including a Lyra 2 audio interface, an MEA-2 Equaliser and an MLA-2 Compressor.

Based in Las Vegas, Studio DMI is a private facility that focuses on mixing and mastering electronic music, owned by European Music Market (EUMM).

CEO of EUMM Ronnie F Lee said: "Studio DMI is more than a studio – it is a concept based on the engineer lifestyle and creative process. The basic philosophy comes from the heart, soul and mind of Luca Pretolesi, who is the creative side of our business and handles all the engineering and training of our engineering associates. Luca has 25 years’ experience of producing, performing, mixing, mastering and pioneering electronic music. This has given him a very unique grasp on the EDM industry."

The choice of Prism Sound equipment was taken by Pretolesi after he visited the Winter Music Conference in 2013. He opted for an MEA-2 Equaliser, an MLA-2 Compressor and a Lyra 2 audio interface, along with a new Maselec MTC-1X stereo mastering console.

"The MTC1 serves as the brain for the entire studio. It is like the hub between the mixing and mastering process," Pretolesi explained. "Even before mastering, it acts as a great way to monitor multiple sources with no latency or added colour, check mono compatibility and side information – and it is all done with one finger. During mastering, it is also great to have the ability to flip between inputs, mid/side information and add parallel processing with just your hands. It allows you to make changes very quickly using only your ears rather than a mouse and your eyes."

"You can really get it pumping but it doesn’t colour the sound," Pretolesi said of the MLA-2, while of the MEA-2 Equaliser, mostly used during the final stage of the mastering process, he explained: “I usually spilt this into two parts: the top end, which I use for more surgical EQ-ing and the low end, between 40-300hz, which gives the sounds a great attitude and weight. The MEA-2 is capable of some very heavy lifting on the low end without losing the transients or the overall sound."

Studio DMI’s Lyra 2 audio interface plays a bigger role in the recording and mixing process than in mastering: "We included the Lyra 2 because we were looking for a fantastic converter to capture our mixes with the great high end sound that Prism Sound is known for," Pretolesi said. "However, we also wanted the ability to A/B two sources, which we can do with Lyra 2 because it is a two in/four out interface."

Studio DMI is now using its Lyra 2 to record a mix while also comparing it to reference tracks: “Non-traditionally, I also use it musically by clipping the input to achieve a certain sound on a lot of my mixes,” Pretolesi concludes.