PRO SOUND AWARDS: Andy Munro to get Lifetime Achievement prize

Acoustician Andy Munro will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first ever Pro Sound Awards on September 19th 2013.

Munro was picked unanimously by the Awards team – the editors of Intent Media titles Audio Pro International, MI Pro, Audio Media, Installation, TVBEurope, Music Week and PSNEurope – for his outstanding contribution to the pro audio industry.

"I am extremely flattered to be given this accolade,” Munro told PSNEurope. “The world of acoustics has often been regarded with a mixture of suspicion and reverence, a status quo I have always tried to debunk so I accept gratefully this award as recognition of a job well done by everyone at Munro Acoustics.”

Having completed his studies in mechanical engineering, Munro joined Shure in 1972 as a technical writer, where he became involved with designing speaker systems for large venues. Munro worked with several of Shure’s clients and sponsored artists such as The Rolling Stones and rental giant Showco during their Led Zeppelin tours in the 1970s.

In 1980, he set up his own design practice, specialising in studio design and acoustic analysis, where he adopted techniques such as time-delay spectrometry, which was not commonly used in the UK at the time. Ten years later, he co-founded Dynaudio Acoustics – manufacturer of monitor systems for recording and film mixing facilities.

Munro Acoustics is now known for being one the most respected design companies in the audio industry, which is the result of a "complete commitment to high-fidelity sound", Munro said. Munro-designed studios such as Pro Sound Awards finalist British Grove and Sphere have set very high standards for mixing, while the custom-built monitor systems at AIR Lyndhurst have been used continually since 1992.

In the last decade, Munro has established a consultancy in India, as well as a studio construction business with architect Clive Glover.

Munro became a corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics in 1985, and a member of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers in 1975. He is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society in both the USA and Europe, where he has delivered several papers on studio design techniques. 

Munro Acoustics recently partnered with Dolby, Disney and the Pinewood-Shepperton Group to develop the new ATMOS standard for film mixing theatres. Munro is now in the process of designing studios for the new BBC headquarters in London.

“I consider any recognition by one’s peers to be encouraging and meaningful and, as our very existence depends on a combination of reputation and value engineering, this award is especially welcome," Munro commented.

The inaugural Pro Sound Awards takes place at Ministry of Sound in London on September 19th. For more details on the event, including information on how to book tickets, click here.

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