Project Energia unveiled by Adamson

Adamson Systems Engineering has announced the commencement of Project Energia.

The project was conceived following years of analysing the inefficiencies that occur in sound reinforcement and with performance venue optimisation. Energia’s key components include a series of new loudspeaker systems, with networkable Class D amplifier modules, DSP, cable and power distribution, AVB network hardware with software integration of control, three dimensional simulation and diagnostics.

In order to guarantee a seamless integration of Adamson’s technology, the release of the first loudspeaker system in Project Energia comprises three phases. These are mechanical field testing, Class D amplifier, power distribution and ground control field testing, and, finally, network and network hardware field testing.

This July saw phase one begin, when Adamson unveiled the E15 line source system with a series of beta partners. Eighth Day Sound (USA), Wigwam Acoustics (UK), Fluge (Spain) and Big Daddy Productions (Indonesia) have each taken delivery of the E15 line source array. The new system will be found on a number of fall tours and large-format events across the globe. Additional Energia Beta systems are now in place with distribution partners DV2 in France, Adamson Europe in Germany and in Singapore with long time partner Team 108.

Brock Adamson, president and CEO stated: "Phase 1 of Energia is designed to ensure the highest acoustic and mechanical performance of the E15, while we simultaneously begin testing our new 3-dimensional Blueprint simulation software. Once we’re finished evaluating transducers, sound chambers and the mechanical elements of the system, we will introduce our new Class D amplifier modules, Power Distribution and Ground Control system for Phase 2. We did not want to simply re-package our old systems and offer them as though they were something new. On the contrary, we wanted to provide something exciting that hasn’t been done. Pushing the boundaries of technology is what makes our industry great. Our team is very pleased with the feedback and support coming from our field test partners so far. We couldn’t ask for a better team of industry professionals to help us bring Project Energia to life."