Propellerhead releases Reason 6, Reason Essentials and Balance

Propellerhead has announced the releases of Reason 6, Reason Essentials and Balance.

Reason 6 represents a significant upgrade from the award-winning music software Reason Essentials. As well as combining each of the previous version’s features, it also adds audio recording and editing, along with Propellerhead’s mixing console with EQ and dynamics on every channel, multiple parallel racks, Line 6 amp models and new effect devices.

The Reason Essentials software is designed to offer the essence of a high-end recording studio, as well as the simplicity of a tape deck, whilst combining wide range of instruments and effects to choose from.

Aimed at individual users operating from a home/project studio, the Balance package provides a two-in by two-out audio interface for Mac and Windows. It contains eight input connections to keep all instruments, mics and devices connected and ready to record. The included Reason Essentials package offers the necessary recording, editing, effects, instruments and mixing tools required for creating your own tracks. Furthermore, owners of Reason or Record who purchase Balance will automatically receive the Reason 6 upgrade as a free download.