Pukkelpop 2012 goes ahead

Belgian music festival Pukkelpop is to go ahead as planned in 2012, despite the disaster that hit the event this year, CMU has reported.

Four people were killed at this year’s festival following a freak storm causing a stage to collapse, injuring a further 70 people.

While an investigation by the Hasselt Public Prosecutor, it was eventually decided that the festival’s organisers could not be held liable for the tragedy. This, however, means that those affected by the disaster cannot claim compensation on the festival’s civil liability insurance, but they can claim on their own insurance or from Belgium’s National Disaster Fund, although the latter will only cover direct material losses up to 250 euros.

The festival’s organisers also set up a relief fund, which may further compensate festival goers, and organisers announced this week that those who bought a ticket for the 2011 event will receive free food and drink vouchers, valued at 75 euros and 150 euros respectively, which can be used at any of the next three Pukkelpop festivals.

A statement from the organisers said: “Pukkelpop has suffered considerable financial losses. The festival is only be able to survive with the support of many and thanks to the strong reputation it has built up in the past. The consequences of the Pukkelpop storm will weigh heavily on Pukkelpop, the festival as well as the organisation, in the coming years”.

The 2012 event will take place from August 16-18th.