Purpose-built production rehearsal facility launches

Purpose-built production rehearsal facility Rock Lititz Studio has opened. The space focuses specifically on production rehearsal needs, with all the amenities required to assemble, program, test, and rehearse the various elements of large-scale live events.

The concept for the 52,000 square foot Studio grew from the already established cluster of businesses gathered in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Clair Global joined with Tait Towers, innovator in staging and automation, to create Rock Lititz. The 96-acre campus will over time become home to even more production-based vendors and resources. The first building on that campus opened September 20, with the Grand Opening of the rehearsal venue, Rock Lititz Studio.

Adam Davis, partner at both Tait Towers and Rock Lititz, explains, “Our team has learned firsthand what an ideal production facility should look like. There just wasn’t a venue tall enough or strong enough to fit the needs of the industry, so we built one. This development is a game-changer within the industry on every level.”

Rock Lititz Studio offers 80 feet to the grid with a rigging load capacity of one million pounds. Every detail of the Studio has been designed to anticipate the various requirements of a touring production. General manager, Andrea Shirk adds, “We offer an exclusive space to create, construct, assemble, and test shows, with unparalleled access to important vendors and technology. The opening of the Studio eliminates the need for productions to simply make do.”

“This space will make productions easier and more efficient,” continues studio manager Sarah Zeitler. “Our goal is to have these extremely complicated productions leave our Studio and say, ‘that was easy’.”

As indicated by the name of the Studio, the owners of the project are rooted in the Lititz area. “The Rock Lititz partnership would like to recognise the hard work and dedication of our local legislators, members of the community, and other stakeholders for being true advocates for this project," states Troy Clair, president and chief executive officer of Clair Global, and partner of Rock Lititz.