RCA Studio B chooses API’s BOX console

RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee has installed API’s new BOX console in its control room.

The facility has a long-standing partnership with API, housing everything from a custom 1971 console filled with API parts including 2520 and Melcor 1731 op amps to a new eight-slot lunchbox.

Studio manager Justin Croft said it was important that the new desk fit in aesthetically with the facility’s classic vibe: “We wanted the BOX in an enclosure from the famous WSM radio station in Nashville, the station that broadcasts the Grand Ole Opry.”

Croft also spoke about how many different purposes the BOX serves, and how its versatility has changed the way the studio functions: “The BOX has solved so many problems. We had no signal routing going on.” Now, he explained, the BOX “is running the studio loud speakers. We mix on it live to two track, use it for reverb returns, we use its preamps and EQs…we’ve recorded vocalists, choirs, orchestras, jazz bands, and concert bands.”

The manager added that even though he expected great things from the BOX, he was still pleasantly surprised by how extensive its abilities are: “I love the compressor, that’s something I wouldn’t expect to find on a unit like this. I use it all the time; it’s awesome,” he remarked.

All of this allows RCA Studio B, operated by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, to better run its programming, including educational recording projects for middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Programmes also include group tour recording packages, where the public is invited to be a ‘star for a day’, singing along to a hit song that was originally recorded at the studio.

Croft is highly enthusiastic about his new console and API: “We’ve noticed a big jump in audio quality since acquiring the BOX – API rocks. The BOX is a great unit. We’re overjoyed with it,” he concluded.