Red Bull Studios LA acquires Behringer PowerPlay System

Red Bull Studios LA, part of the worldwide Red Bull Studios Network, has upgraded with a new Behringer PowerPlay P16 Personal Monitoring System and HPX6000 headphones.

The system allows Red Bull LA to hand off monitor mixing directly to the artists, ‘ensuring all of the talent always get the ideal monitor mix’.

Red Bull studio manager and chief engineer Eric Stenman (pictured) stated: “We do a lot of tracking of live bands of all sorts, whether it’s string sections, or punk rock, or you name it. Having the personal monitoring system really helps out when I can just send the signals out, and let the artists dial in their own mixes. It saves me a headache, and once people get the process down, it lets them create their own comfort zone.”

The full Behringer P16 system consists of: P16-M 16-Channel Digital Personal Mixers; P16-I 16-Channel 19in Input Modules with Analogue and ADAT Optical Inputs; P16-D 16-Channel Digital ULTRANET Distributors, P16-MB Brackets and HPX6000 Headphones.

P16 is capable of accommodating up to 48 individual monitor mixers per main console, with each P16-M personal mixer having its own independent EQ, volume and panning per input signal. This flexibility provides individual 16-channel discreet headphone mixes to everyone in the studio. The PowerPlay P16 system features Music Group’s proprietary ULTRANET technology, which delivers the required operating power and 16 channels of audio via a single Cat-5 cable to each P16-M.

“The P16s are getting rave reviews, both from the engineering side and the artist side,” Stenman continued. “They sound clean and there are more features than I really expected. So it gives a lot of flexibility, as far as however involved you want to be with dialing in your own mix during tracking – they’ve been great.”