Rent-All offers Yamaha

European technical production company Rent-All, which has four offices across the Netherlands and Germany, recently purchased six Yamaha CL series digital consoles.

“We always want to have the most modern technology available in stock and, because we work on many different types and sizes of production, when the CL series was launched we took the decision to invest in all three sizes of console,” said Theo van Workum, who owns Rent-All.

Rent-All purchased three CL3s, two CL1s and a CL5, along with three Rio3224-D and six Rio1608-D I/O units. With the consoles safely delivered, Theo asked Yamaha’s Ruben van der Goor and Jan Prins to visit both Rent-All offices in the Netherlands to deliver advanced training sessions.

The training sessions covered a wide range of subjects, which came under two main headings. Console-specific subjects included the user interface, effects, multi-tracking with Nuendo Live and DVS, special features, software tools and compatibility. Complementing these were more theoretical subjects including working with Dante, redundancy, latency, switch demands and settings, system design rules, signal flows, network topology and word clock.

“It made sense to help engineers to get the best use from the CL series consoles, so asking Ruben and Jan to come and help train them was a common-sense solution,” said van Workum.