Rihanna remixer Scott Rosser chooses API BOX

Successful UK mixer/engineer Scott Rosser has expanded his set-up with API’s new BOX console.

Rosser, who has handled official remixes for some of the biggest names in in pop, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Mariah Carey, has been working from the spare room in his home for almost two years now. Although he wants to return to a permanent studio, he knew he needed to find the right gear first. It didn’t take him long to make his console choice though, as Rosser ended up ordering the BOX after just one demo session with Andy Bensley of API’s UK supplier Source Distribution.

“Source kindly set up a demo unit at their London office for me to try out. I liked the look of the BOX straight away, and ran a stem session through the summing section. It sounded great,” said Rosser Following the demo, Rosser immediately met with Mark Cooke at Tyrell London, one of Source’s dealers, to make the purchase.

The BOX has allowed Rosser to boost his studio’s power without taking up too much space. “The BOX had everything I was looking for in one unit whereas the other options I was considering were all separate pieces. My small workspace made having everything to hand on one desk appealing,” he explained. “I wanted to apply a new approach which would help my mixes stand out amongst the competition. I noticed a press release for API’s new project console, and the BOX caught my attention immediately. I’ve only scratched the surface with mine, and it’s already made a big difference to my work.”

Clearly happy with his selection, Rosser can now focus on moving out of his home studio and into a new space, which is likely to feature more API equipment once finished. “I’m putting some time aside in the new year to move to a purpose-built studio. I’m sure there’ll be other API units added soon," he revealed. "The 2500 compressor especially looks good…I know The BOX is going to serve me well for years. The build quality is excellent, it’s versatile, and I can now expand the rest of my system around it.”

The new console has already been used to mix a single for Lethal Bizzle, as well as official remixes for Cheryl Cole, Ellie Goulding, Nicole Scherzinger, Olly Murs, and the boy band Rixton.

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