Rising Stars: Mick ?Beast? Phillips

It’s Monday morning, which can only mean one thing; a brand new instalment of our Rising Stars focus.

This week we catch up with FOH engineer Mick ‘Beast’ Phillips…

Where did you study?

The only music related course I studied was at college back in 2004, which was a BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice. I didn’t actually know I wanted to be a live sound engineer at this point, it wasn’t until I went to university in Doncaster I started doing a bit of live sound there. After a year of being at Uni I decided to quit and persue my career as a live sound engineer by going to JSS Audio in York and shadowing some of the best engineers up North. I was taken under the wing of an engineer called Chris Crowther, who had me engineering to a high standard in a matter of weeks, and carried on the up hill progression to where I am now.

Which band/project are you currently working on?

I am currently working with two bands. The first band being The Mask of Virtue, a new signed electronic/metal band from Sheffield. I have been working with the guys for over a year now doing various festivals and we are about to head out on a UK tour for the remainder of July. I am also working, doing FOH for Manchester-based band Aliases, formed by ex Sikth guitarist Pin. I have only done a few festivals with them up to yet as they are busy writing new material and currently not touring, which is a shame because I’ve not had chance to show my true potential of bringing out my creative side to the live mix. Unfortunately a quick touch and go on a festival doesn’t really leave you enough time to play with our ‘toys’ as the set is soon over!

Where are you based/working at the moment?

I hail from the town of Doncaster. Obviously I am up and down in different towns/cities when on tour but you can find me doing a bit of in house at The Duchess/Fibbers in york, or out on jobs doing work for JSS Audio in york. Also a lovely little audio company in Sheffield Black Magic Audio as and when needed.

Which audio console are you currently using? And how many channels?

I have been currently using the Yamaha M7 and Allen & Heath ML3000, which has been supplied by venues and audio companies. With Aliases I normally use 24 channels and the same with Mask of Virtue. There not big set up’s but doubling up the guitars having them both in stereo and 3 channels of kick, does pack a punch.

What decision process was behind the choice of this console?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of deciding on the choice of console as we haven’t had any full-scale production just yet. But If I did have a choice it would be between Allen and Heath, Midas, or Soundcraft.

Do you use any outboard effects/EQ, and if so, what are they used on and why?

If it’s digital I will just use the onboard effects and EQ’s. If I’m using analogue, I like to use BSS graphics or Klark’s. Analogue effects-wise I get away with using either TC, the Yamaha range or Lexicon. I tend to use a very short plate reverb on the snare drum and toms if its fast attack hits, but for the short epic hits I like to use a nice hall reverb with a nice tailed off decay. I tend not to go over board with the vocal reverb, as I like to thicken the vocals out with a bit of delay. I try not to make the vocals sound overly ‘electronically processed’ I guess, I like a raw but content sound.

What is your console of choice?

Again, I havent had the pleasure of choosing a console for a production tour. But if I did have the choice it would more than likely be one of the Midas pro series.

If you could tour with any band/artist who would it be?

This is a good question as there are many bands/artists I would love to mix live, but I guess on a personal level I would really love to engineer something daft like the BeeGees, if they were still around. Don’t get me wrong, I see my self as a rock ‘n’ roll engineer, but I think it would just be great fun…especially with their cheesy songs…long live the Gibbs!

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