Rising Stars: Mike Anderson

Audio Pro International’s commitment to showcasing the brightest young talent operating in the industry continues this week with the latest instalment of our Rising Stars section.

This week we chat to audio engineer Mike Anderson…

Where are you studying?
I’m currently studying at Northbrook College in sunny Worthing.

Which band/project are you currently working on?
I’m working on a few things at the moment. I’m working with Stone Circle (Progressive Death Metal) to produce their new material. I’ve just finished recording The E.M.E (seven piece funk/soul/hip hop outfit) and will be mixing their tracks in the coming weeks. I’m working with a great little soft rock outfit from London and I’m in the all important pre-production stage with seven local singer/songwriters for a compilation due to be released this summer on my label, Little Known Records.

Where are you based/working at the moment?
I do a lot of recording and mix work out of college and my own home studio setup in sunny Brighton.

Which audio console are you currently using? And how many channels?
The college has Soundcraft, TL Audio and Toft consoles, ranging from 24-32 channels. I go between all of these, dependant on the project, the live room and availability.

What decision process was behind the choice of this console?
(See above)

Do you use any outboard effects/EQ, and if so, what are they used on and why?
I’ll use EQ on the console if things need a slight tweak in tracking and EQ tweaks on a mix down. I usually start compressing things like vocals and bass when tracking to tame any wild peaks and level things out, just a little though, saving the majority of effects for post, which are mostly done in the box.

What is your console of choice?
I’ve been warming to the TL Audio VTC lately. But it’s not suited to everything. Can I choose "whatever is suited to the project?!"

If you could tour with any band/artist who would it be?
Send me back in time to tour with 70’s Black Sabbath please.

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