Saul Walker

Saul Walker, one of the joint founders of Automated Processes Inc. (API), has died at the age of 89.

Walker set up the high-end recording equipment manufacturer alongside Lou Lindauer in 1968, which led to the introduction of numerous pioneering products in the late 1960s and ’70s.

A statement on the API website reads:

"It’s with great regret that API announces the passing of the incredibly gifted Mr. Saul Walker, co-founder of API and the exceptional talent behind much of the circuitry, design philosophy and indeed the sound of API products, from large frame consoles to individual modules. After focusing on military electronics early in his career, Mr. Walker went on to transform the audio world with such products as the API 312 mic preamp, 325 line driver, 512 mic preamp, the 550 EQ, 1604 console, the world-renowned 2520 Op Amp and much, much more. Known by all for his teaching spirit and soft-spoken humility, Mr. Walker leaves behind a powerful legacy of incredible gear, and innumerable audio professionals whose careers have been forever enriched by his creativity, talent and brilliance. We miss you already, Saul."