Scrub The Cat

Scrub, a division of HHB Communications, has worked with Lucky Cat Post Production to provide sales and technical support for the firm’s new Pro Tools-based audio department. The business has recently moved to larger premises on Poland Street, Soho, from it’s original location on Margaret Street, to make space for audio post production suites that complement its existing video department.

Sales and Technical staff at Scrub and HHB helped Lucky Cat Audio Engineer Craig Budd decide on a system that would succeed in the competitive neighbourhood. The final set up includes an Avid D-Command console, Pro Tools HDX and v10 software, a Genelec DSP monitoring system and other equipment from Neumann, Blackmagic and Focusrite.

Budd considers the D-Command with Pro Tools HDX essential for handling the varied amount of work that Lucky Cat handles. “We have numerous types of project coming through the door, so I need a lot of faders at my disposal, and the D-Command is the perfect size,” he said. “The new HDX system is also very powerful and reliable, which allows me to be quicker and more creative.”

The Genelec system with DSP also gives an added advantage. “I have been using Genelec loudspeakers for the past 12 years because they translate very well to TV, they sound great and I can trust them. Since I was coming into a new room that I was unfamiliar with, I wanted that extra peace of mind that the DSP provides because I know they are aligned specifically for the space.

“We need to be certain our new facilities stand up to the test without fault. Both Jon (Myers, Owner of Lucky Cat) and I have had a relationship with the people at Scrub for many years and they have always impressed me by being technically astute and very accomodating.”

Devin Workman, from Sales at Scrubs said: “Craig and Jonathan are very experienced and well known in the post production world and they knew what they wanted from the start. It became our job to support them along the way and ensure that the installation went smoothly, without any technical interruptions.”