Snake Newton plugs in to Universal Audio live

This summer, FOH engineer Snake Newton is hitting the road with Jessie J and Paolo Nutini and he’s incorporated a Universal Audio Apollo 16 Audio Interface into his setup to accommodate his fondness for using plug-ins live. A 16-channel interface from Universal Audio was something Snake had been waiting for:

“I think I probably had the second one in the UK,” says Snake. “I was literally like ‘as soon as one lands, I’m having it, and I’m not giving it back.’ One was sent down to Terminal Studios where I was in rehearsal with Jessie J. I tried it out and just thought…wow.”

Prior to purchasing the Universal Audio Apollo 16, Snake contemplated several workarounds to get Universal Audio UAD plug-ins into his live rig. “I was on the verge of using my converters and running it through a DAW, which would’ve been…scary. But I’ve always been into things that make you a little scared. When the Apollo 16 arrived, I used that on Jessie a fair bit, and also Paolo now.”

For Paolo Nutini’s vocal chain, Snake uses several Universal Audio plug-ins, including the Precision De-Esser, SPL Twin Tube Processor, 1176 Classic Limiter, Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler, and the Fairchild 670 Compressor.

“I’m a plug-in junkie, basically. I absolutely am. I don’t think there are many things that Universal Audio has brought out that I haven’t bought,” says Snake. “The Apollo provides a safe and reliable way of running UAD plug-ins during a live show because you’re not going to have a situation where the DAW falls over and everything stops!”

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