SNK brings statues to life

Voiceover and audio post specialist SNK Studios has worked with to record and produce Talking Statues, the latest project from arts producers Sing London.

Launching on Tuesday 19 August, passersby will be able to swipe their smartphones over signage on chosen statues across London and Manchester before receiving a call from the likes of Isaac Newton, Queen Victoria, or Sherlock Holmes. The actors, presenters, and comedians contributing include Jeremy Paxman, Prunella Scales, Hugh Bonneville, Alan Johnson MP, and Patrick Stuart.

Coordinating the studio time over the past couple of months was SNK Studios manager Sam Dillon: “It’s been a big project from a logistics perspective, we’ve worked closely with our long-term client who were producing the voices to accommodate so many busy schedules! But everyone involved has been genuinely excited to be part of it, putting real heart into their character, resulting in some truly moving performances. It’s such an original idea that will enrich these two great cities immeasurably, bringing to life these stunning statues often ignored by the public – everyone should get out and go find a statue!”