Sony Pictures upgrades to Dolby Atmos with Harrison MPC

A Harrison customer for over 20 years, Sony Pictures has recently upgraded its landmark William Holden Theater to accommodate Dolby’s new Atmos format.

The install included a new Harrison Xrange system featuring 1,230 DSP channels, a 6,656 x 6,656 audio router, full Atmos RMU panning interface, full Auro3D panning, 64-wide monitoring, and a full Xtools plug-in system.

Sony’s most recent mix was for Spider-Man 2 wit film mixers Paul Massey and David Giammarco utilising the creative freedom provided by mixing the film in Atmos and Auro3D through the Harrison.

Sony reported that the mixers were especially impressed with the MPC’s ability to ‘fold-down’ an Atmos mix to other popular surround formats, which meant no time was lost in the mixing process.