SSL AWS948 desk arrives at Orgone Studios

KMR Audio has supplied an SSL AWS948 console to Barnet’s Orgone Studios – owned by experienced producer and musician Jaime Gomez Arellano.

Well respected within the heavy metal scene, Arellano has worked with the likes of Plan B, The Buzzcocks’ Steve Diggle, Ulver, Mellow Candle, Incredible Hog, the original line-up of Iron Maiden and Ghost, whose first album Opus Eponymous was nominated for a Swedish Grammy award.

“I have used the AWS948 console before in Music 4 in Soho,” said Arellano. “It’s a beautiful desk. It works instantly with Pro Tools and the after sales support is amazing, especially from KMR Audio who are my sole supplier. I wouldn’t buy gear from anyone else.”

Originating from Colombia, Arellano is a working drummer, and is currently producing a number of projects for popular artists such as doom metal legends Cathedral, who recorded their last album The Last Spire at Orgone.

Arellano will also soon start work with Twilight of the Gods, a heavy metal supergroup featuring members of Cradle of Filth, Mayhem and Primordial, as well as an EP for Finnish band Hexvessel, whose last album – mixed and mastered by Arellano – was nominated for a Finnish Grammy award. He has even produced albums for his mother, who is a successful folk singer in Colombia.

Orgone Studios boasts a wide variety of modern and vintage equipment, including classic microphones, Neve preamps, Lavry and Lynx converters, a Studer A80 tape machine and outboard units by Manley, Crane Song, and more.

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