Studer spans the globe with Josh Groban

Maryland Sound takes to the road with aStuder Vista 5 SR console for Josh Groban’s world tour.

The console was provided by PA company Maryland Sound International (MSI). Mickey Beck, FoH engineer commented on the console: “It Was the only one that could provide the sophisticated capabilities that this tour demanded, including the ability to operate in a 96 kHz redundant configuration to match the 96 kHz recording of the tour, a high-resolution project that marks a first for concert sound recordings.”

“We love the way the Vista 5 SR sounds,” said Bob Goldstein, founder and owner of Maryland Sound International. “What the Vista 5SR brings to live sound is a console that’s not flat sounding but at the same time doesn’t color the sound. That’s exactly what you need for an artist like Josh, who has arguably the best male voice in pop music today. It’s a true sound–you put an ear to a drum kit and listen, then listen to the drums through the Vista 5 SR and they sound exactly the same. Listen to Josh sing as you stand next to him and then listen to him through the Vista 5 SR and you hear his voice exactly as you heard it live. It’s fantastic.”